Specialists in integrating EBS with Banking

APPSolve Software Solutions provides a suite of software that compliments Oracle EBusiness Suite.  These products help our clients to realize their return on investment and enhance their utilization of their EBS system.   

Unbreakable Bank statements

This product guarantees that your bank statement will import into Oracle Financials EVERY TIME.  No more debugging and trying to find out what went wrong, it just works.  This process also works best when fully automated and APPSolve has expert knowledge and experience in getting this done as quick and efficiently as possible.

Bank Account Auditing

Supplier bank accounts is the place where most fraud takes place.  This product audits these details and provide proper in-depth reporting to ensure fraud can be traced.

Payment Integration

Paying from Oracle has never been this easy.  APPSolve has pre-configured bank integration and even if your bank is not yet configured, our experts will get this done quickly and efficiently at no extra cost.

Secure Transfer

Moving files between PC and ERP system, or ERP System and other systems easily and securely are a fundamental requirement on most systems.  This product uses Oracle EBS security and access control and ensures there is an auditing trail that can be accessed via a user friendly report.

Host to Host Banking

The next generation of secure bank products are here.  Imagine doing end to end transacting in a single system.  If you have substantial volumes then this product could generate massive cost savings for you while being more secure and efficient.  Any Corporate that is not using Host to Host banking, should know exactly why this is not possible or you could be losing out on what technology can do for your business.

Cash Management Reconciliation Automation

APPSolve has a product that assists clients to automatically reconcile their bank statements. With manual cash deposits our average automated allocation percentage is 89%.  Unidentified lines could be automatically reconciled and resolved in Accounts Receivable or managed as normal in cash management.  The cost saving for clients on this product could be massive making this a client favorite.