Linux and Unix Administration

Our highly skilled and certified engineers in Sun Solaris and Red Hat Linux operating systems are of great value to any customer that needs a stable infrastructure for their Oracle environment. Although we focus on Oracle, we also provide these services to any customer who needs Linux or Unix support.

Some of our service offerings in this space include:

  • Day to day administration of your Unix and Linux environment
  • Implementation, upgrade or migration to Linux and Unix
  • Pro-active monitoring of the environment
  • Best practice advice to ensure a stable production environment
  • Post-implementation audit

At APPSolve we focus on our customers needs. We have over 10 years of experience with Oracle products running on Linux. From small business running a 5 users database to big corporates that uses Oracle Applications with more than a 1000 users. All these clients oracle products life on Linux and APPSolve manage those linux servers and Oracle Products.

So what make us different than your average Linux outsource company? Best practice, security, performance tuning. These three pillars is not only core to APPSolve but also to our clients. If something go wrong, was best practices been followed? If your Linux servers has been compromised, was security done right. If you applications is getting slower and slower, do you have somebody with years of performance tuning experience to sort it out before you lose money?

We have experience in all the major Linux distributions but we focus mainly on Redhat Enterprise Linux, Oracle Enterprise Linux, SUSE and Ubuntu.

We install, configure and maintain Linux servers and any software that runs on Linux. We always follow best practice, we lock down the server security wise, and monitor proactively for any performance issues.

Linux is not just another operating system for us, it is the core of our success. Healthy Linux = Healthy applications = Happy clients

Linux and Unix Health Check

The Operating System health check have been developed with companies in mind that runs Oracle products. The health check focus on all O/S related requirements and best practice that needs to be in place in order to have a healthy Oracle environment. Output from this check will be a report that will highlight any potential issues that might cause instability or does not follow Oracle’s best practice guidelines. Several of APPSolve’s customers make use of the health check on an annual basis with great success.

License Sales

APPSolve provides clients with advice on Oracle licenses.  We can help you ensure you are licensed correctly for the Oracle products you use.  We can also audit your current environment to ensure you are not under or over licensed.  APPSolve can then negotiate with Oracle on your behalf to get the best possible price in the event that you need to buy more licenses.  Do you need Oracle Software or licenses? We will gladly quote. Our price structure allows for maximum discount on software and license sales.

Specialist Services

APPSolve are constantly contacted to deliver services that are very specialized and where very specific skills are required.

These services include:

Platform migrations

  • Migrating your Oracle ERP Application to a platform that fits into your hardware strategy

Upgrade from older Oracle ERP releases

  • Very few DBA’s has the ability and knowledge to successfully handle upgrades from pre 11.0.3 versions (running old database versions) to the current releases.

Technical Architect services and new installations

  • Technical architecture design including sizing, physical hardware, landscape planning, Clustering etc

Disaster Recovery service

  • Specialists in Oracle backup and recovery procedures

Oracle Applications Developer Services

The Developer division plays a great role in the company service delivery. The team has been involved in several implementation and support contracts with great success. The resources have vast experience and through this are able to provide innovative solutions ensuring optimal use is made of your ERP implementation.

At some clients savings realized from quick wins were more than consulting fees would have been for a full year. The developer team ensures that you get great return on investment and efficiency for your ERP application.

Some of the “typical” deliverables include:

  • Automation of payments, collection and reconciliation (AP, Payroll, AR, CE) . Banking products from ABSA, FNB, Nedcor as well as Standard Bank have been integrated with and is supported
  • Auditing and reporting on bank account changes
  • Communication with external parties using e-mail and faxing solutions
  • Oracle open interfaces, API’s, customizations and business process automation

Oracle Applications DBA Services

APPSolve started 7 years ago with the aim to deliver the best Oracle Applications DBA service in the market. It is now 7 years later and we have achieved this without a doubt. The expertly skilled staff at APPSolve is highly sought after throughout the ERP market and are currently involved at several of the major Oracle Applications sites in South Africa. 

The benefits you get when using APPSolve speak for itself:

  • Highly skilled resources available on a full or part time basis, on-site or remote
  • This flexibility promotes great cost savings.
  • The very scarce resources are dedicated to deliver a service to you. No interruptions in service when someone goes on leave as the rest of the team stands in for him.
  • Highly specialized work done on an almost daily basis.
  • No other service company in S.A. has the same level of skill available.
  • Specialized services like RAC implementations, platform migrations etc are done on a regular basis.
  • Extensive knowledge of the newest technologies available in the Oracle e-Business Suite arena i.e. Shared APPL_TOP, DMZ setup for secure internet Application access, SOA etc.

Backup and Recovery

Unfortunately disaster events happen. And it happens on a regular basis. This Vulnerability Assessment will help you determine if any work needs to go into your backup and recovery strategy or procedures. It is of immeasurable value – ask anyone who has lost production data! We strongly suggest you do this assessment to ensure you are safe from failures.

Oracle Applications Workflow Health Check

The Workflow Engine imbedded in Oracle E-business Suite is very powerful. The big problem is that issues encountered in the workflow engine are not in-your-face. Because of this fact, companies tend to ignore the maintenance on the workflow engine. The health check has proved time and again it’s excellent value in highlighting problem areas, suggestions around maintenance and administration. It is an excellent check to do on an annual basis to ensure your system runs smoothly.

Oracle Applications Database Health Check

The APPS DBA Health Check plays an important part in promoting stability on an Oracle system. Output from this check will be a report that will highlight any potential issues that might cause instability or does not follow Oracle’s best practice guidelines. Several of APPSolve’s customers make use of the health check on an annual basis with great success.

Emergency Oracle Support

It is 02:00 in the morning, your database crashed. You have a P1 logged with Oracle and cannot understand what they ask you to do. This is something that happens all too often. APPSolve’s Oracle Emergency Support Centre has a team of experienced DBA’s and Developers that can help.

APPSolve has helped in several disaster scenarios and has a great success rate.

What the Emergency Support Centre offers:

Expert advice any time of the day, anywhere in the world
Assessment of the problem to ensure that the problem is approached from the correct point of view. This increases resolution time
> Interface with Oracle Support
> Assist with patches, workarounds or data recovery.

All we need is VPN access to your system and we are ready to help. All you need to do is call or text +27829016688 for immediate response.