AfricaTradeApp is a web based Commodity Management System, hosted in the Cloud, and built on Oracle technologies.

AfricaTradeApp includes the following functionality:

-        Capture and manage all your commodity master information such as farmers, storage handlers, banks etc.

-        An advanced pricing matrix that allows for market prices, product and services costs, sales pricing and can calculate all the financing, storage and landing costs, to mention a few.

-        Capture transactional information such as contracts, purchase orders, warehouse receipts, delivery notes, transporter and supplier payments and customer invoicing.

-        Periodic (daily, weekly, monthly) shift and stock takes

-        Built-it dashboards as well as analytical and extraction tools. AfricaTradeApp integrates to banking systems to manage electronic payments, bank statement transactions and financing of commodities

-        Users have specific access to and roles in the system to enable the transactions to run according to pre-determined workflows 

The application is a light, user-friendly application with minimal bandwidth and training requirements. All you need is access to the internet and you can use it. The system is scalable and can be easily cater for any commodity. Better decision making will realize a better chance of success, and in turn this will lead to a better utilization of effort and funds.

AfricaTradeApp was initially created for the grain commodity markets in Mozambique and Zambia where little or no integrated systems exist. The application has since expanded into the fuel, gas and bulk liquid industries in South Africa.

 “We are inspired by the important work and great success achieved by Oracle customers committed to a sustainable future,” said Jon Chorley, Chief Sustainability Officer and Group Vice President of Product Strategy, Oracle. “UT Grain Management and APPSolve implemented Oracle technologies in a way that improved business efficiencies, reduced costs, and ultimately supported their eco-transformation. We are honored to award both organizations with a 2016 Oracle Sustainability Innovation Award.”

APPSolve’s ability to take business requirements and convert them into pragmatic solutions within a very short time frame ensures that the technology investment is kept to a minimum whilst the returns and benefits far outweigh the costs. The quick agile deployment of this solution is fast, keeping bandwidth to a minimum and the training requirement are not onerous.

Oracle has awarded AfricaTradeApp its 2015 and 2016 global Excellence Award for Sustainability Innovation, a global award recognizing the value this product in the economic and social upliftment of the local communities in these countries. 


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