APPSolve Secure Transfer

APPSolve Secure Transfer integrates seamlessly into Oracle E-Business Suite to enable end-users moving files between the server and their PC in a secure and audited maner.

If you are running, or planning to run, Oracle E-Business Suite and are concerned about the possible security risk of files being transferred between end-user PC's and Oracle E-Business Suite servers, look no further. APPSolve's experienced DBA's and Developers have developed Secure Transfer to provide a secure solution, managed from within the application, for files being transferred between PC's and servers. In a world where information is a valuable commodity, protecting and managing this is of the utmost importance. APPSolve Secure Transfer supersedes typical FTP transfer applications as it is more secure, easily managed and provides traceability. With Secure Transfer you can easily obtain reports to indicate exactly who performed a certain transfer action and the point in time this was done APPSolve Secure Transfer presents an intuitive user interface which facilitates ease of use and mitigates the risks of both accidental and fraudulent exposure of confidential information.

When choosing Secure Transfer, you are guaranteed of the following:

  • Controlled server access – no server usernames or passwords need to be shared.
  • Access is controlled by the Oracle E-Business Suite username or responsibility.
  • All file transfers are logged for auditing and reporting purposes.
  • Seamless integration into Oracle E-Business Suite R11i or R12.
  • Quick and easy installation and configuration.