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AfricaTradeApp is a cloud-based commodity management system designed specifically for the African landscape. The system is self-contained and highly scalable. It is easy to use, to maintain and has low bandwidth overhead. This makes it ideal for remote areas with poor connectivity.

AfricaTradeApp caters for multiple commodity, financing and market parameters. It integrates with local banks for financing and calculates all financing, storage, transport, insurance and commission costs. On the sale of product, the system manages the settlement of monies across all stakeholders involved in each transaction.

Transactions run according to pre-configured workflows to minimise training needs. These are linked to user roles to provide strong security and segregation of duties. It was originally created for grain commodity markets in Mozambique and Zambia. It therefore provides a multilingual interface for the various languages spoken in those areas.

Oracle awarded AfricaTradeApp its 2015 and 2016 Global Excellence Award for sustainability innovation. This is an international recognition of the application's value to the economic and social upliftment of the local communities in these countries.

Key Features

  • Pre-loading, vetting and registration of suppliers and customers with a comprehensive master database including documents, geographical, identification, history, contact, financial and training information
  • Product and services setup
  • Pre-loading of cost and sales price matrix per product, period and party
  • Tracking of contracts
  • Tracking of purchase orders
  • Tracking delivery and dispatching of product and services matched to purchase orders, contracts and transporter documents
  • Quantity variances with costs
  • Issuing of a delivery and dispatch note: Legal title e-Receipt (on database), hardcopy PDF
  • Quantity variances with costs
  • Issuing of a delivery and dispatch note: Legal title e-Receipt (on database), hardcopy PDF
  • Financing of product and repayment of loans based on pre-determined policy/formula
  • Day-end and month-end physical stock take and shift close processing
  • Warehouse Receipt is “locked” to prevent out-loading or transfer
  • Costs are calculated and differentiated on the basis of:
    Storage: Product, value and warehouse
    Financing: Product and warehouse, Period based
    Transport: Product, Location, period
    Insurance: Warehouse site and collateral
  • Quantity variances with costs
  • Allows for the redeeming or transferring of stock:
    Updated calculation of all cost categories
    Repayment of loan, and payment of all costs
    Release and of the warehouse of stock
  • Consolidating and splitting of warehouse receipts
  • Physical out-loading to authorised entity (transporter/owner)
  • Uploading of documents - Allows for multiple documents to be uploaded for identification and audit purposes
  • Notifications - Workflow Notifications throughout the stages via email or mobile communication
  • Report and views can be customised per user:
    display/hide columns
    choose sorting and grouping sequence
    drills down functionality
  • Integration:
    Integration with Excel
    Integration web service for integration to other systems
    Based on a well-defined relational database structure
  • Uses Structured Query Language (SQL) to extract data in any format needed.



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