Sourcing & Interim Talent

If you are expanding your IT workforce on the ground or at a C-Level, APPSolve can assist you with sourcing and evaluating interim and permanent talent. Our skilled workforce is there to assist accelerating your workforce and implementing projects.

Training, Knowledge Transfer & Mentoring Hub

If you are expanding your IT workforce on the ground or at C-Level, APPSolve can assist you in implementing a knowledge transfer programme to fill the skills gap and enhance the skills base. Post the transfer phase, we offer a mentoring platform to help your team navigate and adapt to their new roles. We also offer system training during the new system implementation phase and refresher training during the support phase. We customise our approach to the exact needs of the client.

Program & Project Management

APPSolve’s team of program and project managers have years of experience in program and project management, both in local and with global projects. We provide on-site and remote teams who implement a range of applications in many industries, on premise and Cloud platforms. With APPSolve's vast experience managing and executing software projects, you'll meet critical deadlines on time and within budget, whilst avoiding common pitfalls. We offer full project management and technical capabilities, which include project planning, project administration, systems architecture design, landscape planning, procurement, cost management, and resource management. APPSolve also provides temporary personnel for projects ensuring you have access to the best skills available for the duration of the assignment.

Management Consulting

As business becomes more dependent on technology to remain competitive, your need to adapt your strategy will become a priority. You will be informed and guided by expert insight from APPSolve. Our team of experienced business analyst consultants can resolve pressing business problems from a broad understanding of business administration, the technology landscape and ERP technologies. We also advise you on best practices for your Financial Management, Corporate Governance and Business Process Improvement. Partnering with us will allow you to discover the ideal solutions for your business problems.

Business Analysis & Process Engineering

Although ERP systems have powerful workflow engines, designing reliable business processes and implementing them correctly requires specialist knowledge and skills. APPSolve’s business consultants will analyse, design or enhance your business processes to eliminate bottlenecks and improve transactional throughput across your enterprise. They have the skills and experience in business process design patterns.

Cloud Services (Readiness & Implementation)

Moving from an on premise environment to a Cloud platform or a hybrid of both can be challenging and is a long-term goal. APPSolve will help you develop a business case for moving to the Cloud and provide a migration roadmap. We will work with you to cut systems management costs and reduce infrastructure procurement. This will change spikes in CAPEX (IT procurement) to regulated OPEX (monthly Cloud usage fees). We'll also transfer your data and systems in the future when it is the right time. Once moved, you'll enjoy on-going managed services, including remote monitoring, technical support, integration services, application development and more. APPSolve's certified consultants are qualified to advise and assist you on an end to end basis and beyond.

IT & Business Alignment

It is often the case that Business and IT are not in sync. This can directly affect the success of IT projects. APPSolve’s team of experienced management consultants ensure that this gap is bridged, and help build co-operation and understanding across the organisation.

Managed Services

Since inception long term support was at the heart of our business. Over the years, we believe in the specialised area we built. We offer niche skills and cost effective, flexible solutions to manage business, functional, technical and database support. Through our managed services model, we support and manage applications and technology on behalf of our clients. We perform these services both on-site and remotely.

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