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Businesses have integrated with banks since the 1990’s when internet banking first launched in SA. It resulted in disruptive changes to the banking processes. Time spent in queues was dramatically reduced. Unfortunately, the second part of the business banking evolution, Host-to-Host banking, was limited to only a selected few businesses, typically with volumes larger than 10 000 transactions per month. The reduction in cost per transaction normally funded this expensive investment. APPSolve assisted with the cost reduction with our BeBanking (Business Efficient Banking) product which lowers the cost and complexity of Host-to-Host banking.

With BeBanking, your company can do business with your bank on your terms. You can Utilise the latest technology offered by the major banks, and your system will seamlessly integrate with the bank’s systems. Making payments, reconciling receipts and importing your bank statements into your system has never been this easy. We offer all the above with security features and auditing trails integrated into the process.

By using the latest host to host technology offered by your bank, transaction charges are normally lower. Security is also improved since the only human intervention in the whole process is when the instruction is authorised from your ERP system. The bank approval Auditing will also give you fine-grained information needed in the event of someone committing fraud in your ERP system.

Key Features

Integrated Account Verification Services (AVS)
Electronic fraud is one of the greatest risks facing companies. Integrated Account Verification Services (AVS) audits payroll and supplier bank account details as transactions are processed on the account. It provides robust security and control to protect data and reduce electronic fraud significantly.
Supplier and Payroll Bank Account Approval
This module provides 2-level approval architecture for supplier and employee bank account master data. The approval can be done for individual bank accounts and also provide bulk approval functionality. No Host to Host payment will be processed if it is linked to a bank account that has not been fully approved.
Supplier EFT Integration
Payment Integration provides preconfigured bank integration to execute payments securely and quickly, saving you time and labour. It is possible to integrate this with AVS to ensure no EFT file is generated for an unapproved bank account.

Supplier Payment Approval
Once the financial system’s processing is completed in the payments module, a two level approval will be initiated per payment batch. Once approved this creates files in the required format. This allows payments to be voided during the approval and processing periods. The batch captured can proceed without the need to re-build complete batches.
Supplier PDF Remittances
When enabling Host to Host payments it is possible to tightly integrate supplier remittance advices and the bursting and emailing of these documents to suppliers that will contain actual bank response data.

Payroll Release and Approval
Once Payroll processing is completed and the ACB file is created the software integrates with the ERP system. Once approved the solution translates the ACB Payroll file to the required format and submits this directly to the bank (Host to Host).

Customer Collections
This module enables automating collections by sending Host to Host files to the bank. Components of this product include processing the reply information and reversals, as well as reconciling this on the bank statement.

Deposit Identification and Receipt Creation
Receiving funds is an important process for any business to work effectively. When deposits are allowed into bank accounts by customers, the processing of these could be time consuming and prone to human errors. This product enables the identification of a customer or invoice number from a statement deposit line text. We use our innovative search engine receipts to auto created in the AR (Accounts Receivable). The user has an option to only create identified receipts or include unidentified deposits to fully automate the reconciliation in cash management. The bank statement line information is carried over to the AR receipt. Identification is possible in AR with access to the statement information, assisting with segregation of duty and process efficiency. The product also enabled the automated application of identified receipts based on the rule of oldest open invoices to be applied first or if identified to a specific AR transaction to this transaction. Many companies have dramatically increased the accuracy and efficiency using this product.

Automated Unpaid Processing
When Debit orders fail, banks provide a priority debit order as an option to collect funds from customers that are not able to settle all their debt. NAEDO will enable the collection to be processed as a priority debit order, before other debit orders. We have also enabled innovative methods to collect multiple times or target a portion of the amount to increase the success rate of collections.

APPSolve Secure Transfer
This module reduces the risk of information theft by ensuring files can be transferred securely between client and server as well as server to server. Files are available and secured in predefined directories, with access being monitored and controlled from within the financial system.

Unbreakable Bank Statements
Unbreakable Banks Statements guarantees that your bank statements will import flawlessly into your financial system every time. This will save hours wasted on problem solving or trying to find import errors.

Cash Management Automation
Cash Management Automation scans your electronic bank statements, automatically reconciles recognised transactions and creates customer receipts.
Automated Exchange Rates
This module enables the automated loading of daily exchange rates ensuring the daily recurring process can be fully automated. This will ensure smooth transfer from manual processing to automated system processing.

Automated Exchange Rates
This module enables the automated loading of daily exchange rates ensuring the daily recurring process can be fully automated. This will ensure smooth transfer from manual processing to automated system processing.

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